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Manned Guarding

Our manned security solutions are customized to each client’s individual needs, using the most appropriate combination of manned guarding and security technology. Site specific and tailor-made procedures are agreed with the client at the onset of each contract.

Regular consultation between our Security Managers and clients, especially with regard to risk assessment and customer care, ensures continual adaptation and improvement of performance management and consequent customer satisfaction.

This concept of integrated security solutions is based on two simple objectives; the company aims to offer the client the most cost effective option available in the market and sets clear quantifiable goals in terms of benefits generated.


Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Security Equipment

TWe advise our clients and customers new/existing on the need to procure and install security equipment that will serve important functions in ensuring adequate security coverage of their premises. Below, are some of the high-tech equipment we use to carry out our security activities:

  • Hi-Tech CCTV Cameras
  • Intrusion Alarm Systems
  • Smoke & Fire Detection Systems
  • Metal Detectors


Cash in Transit

Falzal has recently introduced the movement of cash for clients/customer with different sales depots, banks and other institutions that require moving cash and valuables as their businesses demand. This is done in our customised armoured vehicle in company of fully armed police officers.


Security Dogs Services

Unlike many security companies who provide patrol dog services, we own the majority of our dogs and employ their handlers, rather than subcontracting the service. By living with their handlers, close bonds are formed, making the partnership far more effective. Our company dog trainer is a retired Police Dog Instructor with over 18 years experience in all aspects of Police Dog work.

A number of our Dog Teams are independently licensed to ensure that they are performing at or above the levels expected on the contract. The elements included in the license are assessed at or above the levels expected of a licensed Police Dog.

Patrol dogs are used for many assignments from guarding critical infrastructure to private/ Government offices and residential locations.



Falzal provides investigative security including private, personal to name a few. We operate full and part-time teams involved in the protection of recognized leaders, corporate executives, dignitaries and celebrities. Our concerns include travel as well as family and residential protection.

We also specialize in conducting complex investigations and undercover operations.


Protocol and Escort

We provide secured escort services for the movement of people and assets from source to the destination, anywhere within the country. This is to give adequate protection to your valuables without attracting unnecessary attention. This service includes Airport pick-up and Drop-off functions as well as dedicated armed escort services across major cities in Nigeria to borders towns.


Special Event

Our event security Management services are designed to suit the specific requirements of our clients. We have the capacity to provide security services during special events of any nature. This includes conferences, seminars, wedding ceremonies, board meetings, promotional activities, sporting events and music festivals.

We design and implement security systems customized for a particular event with reference to access control, crowd control, executive protection, emergency contingency planning etc. We also deploy event security managers or security coordinators to provide support, as well as ensure effective co-ordination and liaison with relevant individuals and agencies during special events.